Partners in Health and Wellbeing Expands to New York City

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In the heart of Greenwich Village, CEO Jan Roberts treats adults, couples and LGBTQ individuals with issues including trauma, personality disorders, and relationship concerns.

Saying that we’ve grown over the past six months may be an understatement for Partners in Health and Wellbeing. Not only did we outgrow our North Wilmington and Southern Delaware offices and relocate them to larger spaces, we’ve now opened our newest practice in New York City! Beginning August 2017, CEO Jan Roberts, LCSW is now seeing clients in our brand new office in Greenwich Village, less than two blocks away from Washington Square Park.

After operating PHW for nearly ten years and having experience treating a rage of clients including LGBTQ individuals, people with personality disorders, and even high profile clients from large corporations, Ms. Roberts decided to use her skills and specialties to serve the New York City area. She commented on the new office, saying, “I’m really excited about expanding Partners in Health and Wellbeing to New York. The work we do at PHW is so clinically strong, and I think our approach will be well received by our clients in New York.”

Our new office takes the same mindfulness and holistic approach to therapy as the other Delaware locations; however, scheduling methods differ in order to meet the needs of patients in the Greenwich Village area. Insurance is not accepted for appointments in the New York City office and must be paid out-of-pocket; however, several payment methods will be available.

Ms. Roberts looks forward to growing Partners in Health and Wellbeing further up the East Coast, saying, “I’m hoping to expand our services at this location and to eventually add more therapists and specialties. I want to replicate the collaborative model that has helped so many of our current and past clients.”

In the new office, she provides individual, couples and sex therapy for people with different types of issues, including sexuality and sex related issues. “It feels like I’m back to where I was when I first started PHW.  It’s amazing, creating something new and watching it grow. I’m so proud of the team I’ve built at PHW, and we have a firm goal of where we are heading as an agency. I just want to be known as a strong clinical organization that provides excellent care, focused on the patients.”

Appointments for the New York City office can be requested online at Patients can also call the NYC office directly at (917) 283-9700 with any questions.


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