Partners in Health and Wellbeing

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Who We Are

Partners in Health and Wellbeing (PHW) is an integrated therapy practice with offices in Wilmington, Milton and Newark. PHW was started in 2010 with an idea to provide empirically proven mindfully-based therapy to clients across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our core value is to provide clients with an atmosphere that is accepting, compassionate and positive.

What We Do

We specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma-related disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, grief, sexual-related problems and couples issues. PHW provides individual, group and family therapy with flexible weekday, weekend, day and evening appointments to meet each client’s needs.

Our Specialties

We help our clients find more happiness and emotional freedom. With mindfulness-based approaches, clients at PHW experience more acceptance and satisfaction in their lives. We encourage not only introspection but provide proven tools that are effective in coping with life on life’s terms. It is our goal for clients to find empowerment through mindful change.

Our Mission

Partners in Health and Wellbeing focuses our clinical philosophy around our belief in human resilience. We believe that our minds are always attempting to move towards health, and that sometimes adverse life experiences can create defense mechanisms that can complicate or inhibit our journey towards self-actualization.  Our clinicians take a mindfulness based approach to partnering with clients in their own individual journeys towards mental health and wellbeing.  We examine micro as well as macro level issues focused on how the person understands and interacts with their environment.  Our clinical scope of practice includes providing individual and systemic work ranging from intensive treatment to client advocacy, focused on the four pillars of health: Physiological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.